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Words + Wishes

Words + Wishes
December 21, 2020 Noreen Bifulco

Words + Wishes

We may not have the power to change many of the events of this unprecedented year. Still, as marketers, we have an obligation to recognize our ability to influence action through the words and images we share with the world.

Social Responsibility

At Bloom, we are fortunate to provide creative marketing solutions for organizations with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility. We have spent the last ten months crafting messages of support on behalf of our clients, from programs to help small businesses and tools for telehealth and virtual learning to systems that purify indoor air and protect essential workers.

Power of Words

While our marketing efforts may have been driven by business objectives and measured by the response, we managed to use the power of words to connect socially distant communities, solve relevant challenges, and show compassion.

Greater Awareness

Our hope in the new year is for greater awareness of how much the messages we are all exposed to can affect how we see the world and all the equally important people in it.

Shift Perspective

Maybe with a little more shared responsibility and a shift in perspective, we create a more positive 2021 and beyond.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year from all of us at Bloom Media!




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