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USIC Creative Services

USIC Creative Services
April 14, 2019 Steve-Frederick
USIC Creative Services

Marketing Materials

USIC is the most trusted name in underground utility damage prevention, and infrastructure solutions and an organization on the grow. Education is a key component of any communications, which is why every marketing tactic we create is a balance between potential sales and promoting public safety.


Trade Show Solutions

USIC with the combined capabilities of Blood Hound, OnTarget and Reconn offer a wide range of services to support utility company operations. However each brand is unique, so when asked to develop a modular solution for trade show displays that would have the flexibility for the brands to work together or individually based on the event we designed answered the challenge with a very successful and practical design.


Additional creative services and support we provide USIC and sister companies include:

  • Mobile app logo and screen design
  • Call center sales support tactics
  • Email campaign copy development
  • Print and event marketing materials

“Love this. Approved by me and the CTO. Great job. We appreciate Bloom!”

 – Mike Iadanza, Vice President – Marketing

Looking for a quick win for an internal marketing effort? Need an experienced eye and design expertise for your sales support materials? Have a trade show challenge we can help you solve? Let’s talk!