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‘Tis the Season for Break Out B2B Holiday Campaigns

‘Tis the Season for Break Out B2B Holiday Campaigns
December 16, 2019 Noreen Bifulco
Tis the Season for Break Out B2B

‘Tis the season for B2B companies to execute creative holiday-themed campaigns. And our favorite time of year to see how the brands, often deemed as boring, embrace the spirit and break out amongst the crowded landscape of holiday promotions. Here are the top 4 examples of innovative B2B marketing campaigns of the past and the present to inspire our future strategies.  

HubSpot: #HolidayHub

If you are a content king like Hubspot, you most likely have a full Santa sack of holiday marketing goodies to gift. #HolidayHub is a simple yet effect approach to increase site traffic and engagement by curating the season’s sought-after resources — holding true to the old adage that the best gifts come in small but smart packages.

WeWork: #‎wwgiftguide campaign

WeWork introduced its #wwgiftguide campaign by publishing an article, “Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch”  in Creator, WeWork’s magazine. Over two weeks, the guide highlighted various themed gift segments like “gifts for the digital nomad,” and  “gifts to get the party started.” In addition to featuring products from member companies, supporting their community of creators, WeWork promoted the campaign across social media with the hashtag #wwgiftguide. The company demonstrated how utilizing social media, thoughtfully, and consistently, any time of year is a great way for a brand to achieve great awareness.

inContact: Do You Want to Draw a Snowman?

inContact’s holiday campaign started with a “Happy Holidays from inContact” email that included a CTA on the sidebar prompting recipients to draw a snowman. The CTA button led them to a canvas where they could illustrate a snowman and discover a secret message. The company’s festive interactive promotion did a great job sparking consumer engagement.

Zendesk: “Holiday 2.0”

Customer service software startup Zendesk proved with their “Holiday 2.0” video that there is room for some fun in the usual serious B2B industry landscape. By spoofing The Office, Zendesk’s self-deprecating humor helped them show their human side and break through the boring the B2B stereotype.

Are you planning on making more of an impact with your B2B holiday marketing strategy next year? We’d love to help you get started with a successful holiday campaign to make 2020 an even happier new year.


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