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Time Matters Go

Time Matters Go
January 10, 2019 Steve-Frederick


Time Matters Go Launch Campaign

Digital Marketing Tactics

Mobile apps are an effective tactic to increase customer retention and profits up to 95%. With the launch of the app, Time Matters customers extend the benefits of their current software with the ability to accurately capture billable hours anywhere.

  • Digital Display Banner Ads
  • Launch Email Campaign
  • Product Video and Landing Page

Nurture Campaign

Effective nurture strategies begin with a successful onboarding experience. Time Matters Go educational video series highlights some of the valuable features that will help legal professionals get the most from Time Matters Go app and improve time capture processes.

  • Video Tips Email Campaign
  • Landing Pages with Video


Value-Add Content Marketing

Want customers to engage with your brand? Provide value-add content marketing. By informing legal professionals about the benefits of daily time tracking and practical tools that make it easy, we are helping them improve time recovery by 80% and generate up to 40% higher revenues.

  • Promoted Blog Post
  • Infographic Campaign
  • Webinar Campaign


In less than a week’s time Bloom, handed off strong, beautiful files. Our thanks and appreciation to the entire team.


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