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The Return of the Trade Show & Tell – Event Marketing Kits, Top Fabricators, and More

The Return of the Trade Show & Tell – Event Marketing Kits, Top Fabricators, and More
August 24, 2022 Noreen Bifulco

The Return of the Trade Show & Tell
Event Marketing Kits, Top Fabricators, and More

Trade Shows continue to increase, and attendance is booming, with good reason. As 71% of event decision-makers report, despite their best efforts, it’s tough for virtual events to fully replicate the in-person trade show experience results.
In fact, 85% of leadership (senior managers, executives, and board members) believe in-person events are essential to their company’s success. So it comes as no surprise that 67% of event professionals believe in-person meetings will return to their pre-pandemic numbers by 2023

The Bloom Team has been busy helping our clients optimize their live event presence by creating engaging displays and event marketing tool kits that include critical pre and post-tactics to keep the conversation going.

TrueCommerce: B2B eCommerce Expo 2022

A significant event in the U.K. for TrueCommerce commanded a big presence and a competitive edge. Working with GES, we created a custom-designed display, charging station, multiple meeting options, and coffee bar with branded travel cups. According to Robert Simpson, “The coffee machine worked really well, and we had fantastic engagement throughout the event. Thanks for turning it around so fast and for the great ideas!”

Optimum Business: IT Expo 2022

Tailoring an event booth design and messaging to your prospects is essential. The event materials we created for Optimum Business included a pre and post-event email and social campaign collateral handouts, branded premiums, and pop-up displays and table throws produced by Skyline. And we love when we get client feedback like this “HUGE thank you to our Bloom team! I couldn’t be happier! Everything was super smooth. Could not have done this without you guys!”

StandardAero: NBAA 2022

With 95% of B2B Buyers stating that videos play a crucial role in their purchase decisions, as expected, video continues to successfully draw attendees into the event booth. A well-produced trade show video, like the one we created for StandardAero, tells a visual story to attract the passerby and effectively support any sales conversations in your event space.

HC Pacific: MRO AMERICAS 2022

A simple setup can be very effective in the design and installation. This event kit we created for HC Pacific includes a floor pop-up banner, an 8 ft x 10 ft backdrop, tabletop cards, and product-specific handouts. All were assembled in a matter of minutes and fabricated with a level of quality that continues to show and travel well throughout the country.

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