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Noreen Bifulco

Noreen Bifulco

Wordsmith and Workflow Specialist

My LinkedIn profile introduces me as a writer, editor, professor.

But those are just some of the many hats I wear.

Here are the others: marketer, content creator, social media strategist, proofreader, work-flow specialist, entrepreneur, playwright, and poetry nerd.

But mainly, I like to tell a good story. A good story, even in our digitally-distracted world, stops us in our tracts and gets us to respond, react, and remember. It helps us connect as humans.

Here’s my professional story:

I’ve been working in the marketing/advertising industry since 1997 and teaching college courses in writing, literature, and communications since 2004. All this clocked experience, in addition to my work as a freelance writer and editor, has helped me hone clever, clear, and concise.

And though my background, while extensive, may not be traditional, it’s my experience as a college instructor that has taught me the most. I’ve learned how to patiently work with people at all skill-levels and the importance of taking the time to figure out their needs. I learned how critical it is not just to show up, but to show up prepared and ready to add value. For instance, I’m not the editor who just wants to write. I’m the editor who edits, and also ruminates, plans, and leads.

It takes organization, energy, and nerve to run a classroom, imagination, and wit to keep a busy audience checked in, and empathy to provide useful feedback. I employ all these strengths under all hats.