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5 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

5 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing
May 23, 2017 Steve-Frederick
Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Video is the fastest growing segment of content online. People just cannot get enough. And successful marketers are at the forefront. With the success of TASTY videos on Facebook, there has been an explosion of similar videos now being produced by major food brands.  Why not?  It seems like the perfect opportunity, and it is but take note— going viral should never be the objective of a video campaign.

Sure we would all love to be the next Dollar Shave Club – but in reality, it just comes off as trying too hard. Be genuine in your approach, and you will get much further… with a few caveats.

Below we reveal some of our favorite tips to help you create compelling, inspiring and actionable online videos.

Tell a story, don’t try and make a sale


Your video should be centered around the story and not the sale. Remember: the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing – concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers.

Make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your consumers’ needs or maybe their hidden desires.

Make it the best 10 seconds ever!

Twenty percent of all viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. So you better get to the point and get there quick! Front load the first 5-10 seconds with a juicy nugget that will engage the audience and keep them watching.

Try sparking your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to hook their attention right away. Your video should immediately convey its value and answer that “why should I watch it?” question that will be on your audience’s mind. Should they watch it because it will make them laugh, because it will inspire them to act or because it will teach them something new?

Don’t be afraid to use humor


People want to laugh. That’s why there are so many crazy animal and kid videos popping up in your social media feed. So give it a shot, if it is appropriate for your brand, trying mixing in a humorous video and test it against your other more corporate videos…trust me, it will get better results.

Optimize for search

When it comes to video for SEO, descriptions are everything. Why? Well, descriptions allow Google’s search to make sense of your video and understand what the content entails. So ensure that your videos are tagged with relevant keywords and fully explained with fleshed out descriptions and unique titles.

Educate & prove yourself

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? One of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience. And the great thing is that education comes in many forms. For example, you can teach your customers how to use your product or service and provide useful tips on how to make the most of it. The most viewed segment of videos on YouTube are How To.

Video can also provide social proof for your product or service. Create video success stories that focus on the story of your customer and the success he/she achieved from using your product/service.

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