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4 Essential Social Media Tactics for Today’s Instrument Industry

4 Essential Social Media Tactics for Today’s Instrument Industry
September 19, 2016 Noreen Bifulco

Put Your Music Business on The Map!

Music is an enchanting art which everyone loves and many dream of engaging in. Being apart of the instrument industry means you open the door for these dreamers and guide them to precise tools they need to accomplish their music goals. But how can you attract more dreamers to your business?

Social media marketing is a necessity in finding success in today’s business world. Here, we provide the most essential tactics to take when using social media to put your business on the map.

1.) Find Your Audience and Let Your Audience Find You.

First step in attracting your target audience to your social media pages is to establish who exactly you’re aiming to market for. Does the best local talent hit up your company when in need of new equipment? Are you a supplier for beginners seeking the perfect instrument to open the musical door? Or maybe you’re aiming for both and everyone in between? Knowing who you’re selling to will allow you to filter your social media pages as well as your website and content through search engine optimization– a process which narrows down your business by using specific key words and phrases that are relevant to your services, ultimately increasing your ranking in the search engines and enhancing your chances of getting your business in front of potential customers. Other simple tricks to get the most out of SEO are to make sure your social media profiles are complete with all the required information because these platforms will place pages with completed profiles higher in their search than those that aren’t.

2.) Know the Ropes of Your Platforms.

Along with making it easy for potential customers to find you, each social media page has something extraordinary to offer any business trying to up their marketing games. Take for instance Instagram, the world’s largest platform for image advertising. From photo to video ads, visual inspiration provides viewers with a whole new, exciting perspective of your business so this a site where you want to hone in on providing your audience with the perfect picture. Opposed to site like Twitter where your tweets are your best ammunition. Advertisers here can create hashtags to spark a trend and tweet daily to get their business on the map. Knowing the unique qualities of each platform will give you insight as to whether you should post imagery of your new string instruments or if you need to find the right, instrumental phrase to grab attention.


3.) Enhance Customer Engagement.

Your online presence is one of the most crucial aspects of having a successful business today, so you have to go deep than just creating pages. You have to let the public know your real and the best way to go about that is to engage with them! Start a conversation about an upcoming product like the Cort Guitars acoustic bass release, current news within your industry, or even post a simple poll to obtain customer feedback. Make contests and giveaways a part of your strategy. Creating a call-to-action for your pages is a great way to encourage customers to help you reach your business goals as well. Most importantly, show your personality in everything; people want to see a genuine face behind the screen.

4.) Create Intriguingly Relevant Content. 

Finally, the most essential piece to social media success is your content. You could be a champ at all of the above tactics, but without creating the perfect content for your viewership, your success will falter. Luckily, your industry of expertise is an exciting one and you should take advantage of that! With numerous content marketing techniques, you can post anything from articles highlighting local bands who do business with you, videos of beginners covering popular songs, publishing quotes from your favorite musicians, or creating a showcase of your top-selling instruments. Always remember to follow the 80-20 rule when posting content– where only 20% of your content is promotional while the rest is an intriguing means to attract the public eye.

With these social media tactics, there’s no doubt your business will rise to the top.


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