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Rebound Your B2B Digital Marketing as the Return to Business Revs

Rebound Your B2B Digital Marketing as the Return to Business Revs
September 29, 2021 Noreen Bifulco

Rebound Your B2B Digital Marketing as the Return to Business Revs

The pandemic induced changes in consumer behavior that have forever altered the marketing landscape. In fact, the first half of 2020 saw an increase in e-commerce equivalent to that of the previous ten years. The implication is if businesses haven’t figured out how to adapt and reach consumers in new ways, they will be left behind.

Businesses that try to make this necessary digital marketing shift in haste can wind up overwhelming internal resources and losing ROI. This is where Bloom can help. Our nimble and responsive team have been helping our clients make this critical marketing transition by strategizing, executing, and managing data-driven campaigns and augmenting existing marketing resources to get the job done faster.

Here are our tips on where to focus your marketing efforts and how we can help reach your 2021 e-commerce goals.

Fuel Your Full-Funnel Strategy

Awareness, evaluation, and decision — full-funnel marketing is necessary because it allows marketing efforts to be calculated with clear potential results and keeps efforts focused on outcomes rather than just activities.

With the funnel mapped out, marketers can take a deeper look, using marketing data to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, and look for ways to improve and enhance the customer journey.

Data can be gained at various points and utilized to perform a next action.

Excelling in full-funnel marketing executions will help with sales and lead to consumers switching brand loyalties.

Take a look at how we helped software company, Crownpeak strategically implement across multiple touchpoints and communication channels while gaining insights and data that lead to future optimizations in communication.

Optimize Your Multi-Channel Marketing

The more visible your brand, the more likely you are to be found and remembered. In fact, top B2B marketers invest in at least 3 digital channels and 15 touches.

Remember, consumers log on to multiple devices every day and bounce around between email, websites, search engines, and various social channels. It’s important to think about your unique audience and select the digital channels that will be most effective.

Here we helped introduce telecommunication company, Suddenlink Business into their new Dallas market with effective multichannel marketing, focusing on brand reach, messaging, consistency, engagement, and experience while keeping an important focus on reaching customers on platforms they prefer.

Boost Your Opt-In List

As the result of the pandemic, lead generation has mostly been happening online ­­– focused lead generation advertising on building opt-in lists with top-of-funnel or middle-of-funnel offers. Content marketing is an effective digital lead generation strategy as businesses often want to arm themselves with information before a big purchase. Particularly now, with longer decision cycles, prospects are more likely to respond to a gated asset that will help them accomplish their goal.

See how we helped the legal software company, Lexis Nexis with their effective inbound marketing strategy by enticing site visitors to their high-value content by filling out their contact information.

Prioritize Social Selling that Sells

The pandemic has permanently changed B2B buying preferences, accelerating the change to digital commerce. With less and less customer face time, sales and marketing leaders need to embrace new tools and channels and a new manner of engaging with prospects and buyers digitally. It’s estimated that more than half of the consumers who follow brands on social media do so to browse products and inspire their purchases; and given the fact that 5% of B2B buyers and 84% of top or middle management executives use social media to make purchasing decisions, buyers expect to get the same professional experience as B2B purchasers that they are accustomed to as personal consumers. That makes outstanding digital experiences a priority for B2B marketers.

Here’s a great example of how we helped telecom company, Optimum Business leverage their social media feeds to drive eCommerce sales with vertical-specific social posts.

Our expert and agile team has been creating results-driven, multichannel campaigns for our clients for over a decade. If you would like help with your marketing efforts, contact us today.