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Ready. Set. Re-brand.

Ready. Set. Re-brand.
November 14, 2019 Noreen Bifulco

Know when and how to do it right.

There are a number of strategic reasons to consider re-branding. Your brand, not your business, is a living breathing, ever-evolving representation of your relevance to and relationship with your audience. This is why keeping close tabs on customer feedback, and prospect perceptions can be the best indicator as to when you may want to revisit who you are as a brand – or gain the intel you need to build one.

Here are 5 reasons why we helped clients to re-brand and some results we are proud to share:

You have built a profitable business but not an established brand.

HC Pacific is an aerospace product distributor and innovative provider of supply chain optimization services across a broad array of military and commercial platforms. As an established but underserved brand, HCP needed a unique value proposition and renewed brand identity that would resonate in the marketplace, encompass team initiatives, and support the company’s strategic growth plan.

HCPacific ReBrand

After our discovery and customer journey sessions, we prioritized target audiences and developed a brand identity and messaging platform, which we applied to enhance sales tools and inform the content strategy for a new website. In one year, HC Pacific doubled its sales. New branding, sales support, and trade show materials with optimized website design have improved awareness, strengthened the online presence, and driven transactional sales.

You have proven products and a new parent company.

insightsoftware is a new company representing many well known financial reporting and enterprise performance management software solutions. Balancing affinity and transition, we developed a brand identity to establish the new parent company while also adapting the brand voice and style for more than 14 products from new and ongoing acquisitions.

When proven products come together under a new brand, both customers and prospects want to know why and how it benefits them. In addition to a clear messaging platform and versatile design elements, we used video to allow the team to tell their compelling brand story in their own words and produced a graphic video to demonstrate their product benefits and value proposition clearly.

insightsoftware rebrand

By providing a comprehensive brand identity, we armed insightsoftware teams around the globe with the resources they need to produce engaging and consistent content across all products, including two newly acquired companies in the last three months.

You need to differentiate from your competitors and better connect with your customers.

Dallas Airmotive is a leading engine MRO provider who has earned authorizations from top OEMs to service over 80% of fixed-wing and the majority of rotorcraft in the aerospace market. As impressive as that may sound, the competitors seem all too similar when touting capabilities alone. But at Bloom, we know a brand is only as good as the people who build it. And for over 80 years, Dallas Airmotive has been a company that provides service that exceeds customer satisfaction – because of its skilled team of dedicated engine experts.

This team is what makes Dallas Airmotive different. This is why we positioned the brand to be engine MRO experts, not by claim but by reputation, built by people who take pride in the services they provide and the peace of mind they deliver. 

dallasairmotive rebrand

When going head-to-head with service offerings, at the point where they are table stakes, it is far worth it to take a hard look at what your unique value proposition is and align that with what matters to your audience. We are just about to launch this re-brand, so stay tuned for reactions and results!

Your core brand may hinder efforts to appeal to a new market.

For over 40 years, VIP has been providing vital social services to Bronx residents helping individuals seeking rehabilitation from drug addiction in an atmosphere of support and mutual respect. But when the organization expanded its services to include pediatric and adolescent care, they also recognized their reputation in the community for treating substance abuse might not be effective in attracting this new target audience.

After working with the VIP team to develop an understanding of the current market, we developed a brand strategy designed to establish their children’s health services while supporting credibility through the legacy of the VIP.

bwell Be healthy. Be well.

The Bwell, Youth health + wellness services name and foundational messaging were created to capture the primary mission of this expert children’s care program: helping Bronx residents Be Well.  The brand identity was designed to also appeal to an audience of app-focused millennial parents who want a health care environment that is both experienced and digital advanced.

We are off to a successful launch and in the process of executing a marketing campaign designed to drive awareness and patient visits to Bwell. Stay tuned! 

You have a proprietary service but not a clear value proposition.

Ontic is the leading global provider of OEM-pedigree parts and MRO services for legacy aerospace platforms. Their proprietary process for licensing and acquiring legacy parts was well established but not easily explained. Through the course of our input process, we discovered that customers and prospects clearly understood the challenge aging platforms present and are actively seeking a solution.

As a result, the “Extended Life Solutions” brand was developed with a messaging platform that defines the value proposition and a graphical representation of a 5 step process that was easily understood by both OEMs and end-customers alike.

New branding, contact streams, tactics, and sales tools helped to educate prospects and strengthen relationships with customers – resulting in an increase of acquisitions and licenses by over 300% in 8 months.

If you think it may be time to re-brand, the next step is to ensure you do it right. Download our checklist for some high-level next steps to ensure your rebranding process is smooth and stays on schedule.

You've Decided To Rebrand! So Now What?

There are many benefits to working with an experienced partner when it comes to re-branding or building a brand for your business. At Bloom, we have had the opportunity to work with clients across a diverse range of industries with a streamlined and effective process to ensure each branding exercise is a sustainable success. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help and offer a free consultation, so please do not hesitate to contact us today.



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