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Want Your Aerospace Content Marketing to Take Off? Follow these 6 steps

Want Your Aerospace Content Marketing to Take Off? Follow these 6 steps
September 26, 2016 Noreen Bifulco

Prepare Your Aerospace/Aviation Content Marketing for Takeoff with this Pre-Flight Checklist

Content has become a necessary tool in your arsenal of aerospace marketing strategies as a B2B organization. It can inform potential customers about your product or service, dispel misunderstandings in your field and convince the customer of your solution’s superiority. But effective content is more than putting out as much information as you can – it involves mindful planning and a focus on your readers. By checking your content against this list before publishing (whether in print or online), you will have better results. These requirements are also helpful if you provide aviation marketing services.

1. Make Sure Your Title is Effective

Does the title accurately reflect the content’s value and topic? Is it phrased in a way that will attract the curiosity of your ideal clients or be something they would search on Google? The title or heading of your content is almost always the first thing that potential customers will see, whether on your website, in an email or in search results. Not only should it clearly introduce the topic, but it should also be designed to appeal to your aerospace audience.

2. Have the Content Use Keywords Organically

Does the content include keywords that relate to your industry and topic that it addresses? Are these keywords used in an authentic, natural way? For an innovative aerospace marketing campaign to be most effective, it needs to include keywords that fit the customer’s language and that are used organically throughout the content – phrases like aerospace engineering or aviation electronics technician. This process should always begin with quality keyword research.

3. The Content Body Should Be Thorough, Thoughtful & EffectiveAviation Content Marketing

Does the content feature a concise, clear introduction? Does it clearly answer questions your audience might have? Is the content logically organized? Is it easy to read and understand? Does the content create a conversation and include a call to action? Your content needs to get attention right away and draw the reader through clear points to your conclusion. Honeywell’s article on turbulence flows neatly from a discussion of bumpy flights to technology ready to eliminate them.


4. Have Your Content Addresses a Specific Customer Need

Does the content discuss a particular customer need or concern, based on your customer knowledge of customers and target profiles? Does it add to the customer’s understanding of the situation or provide solutions for the problem? Any content your company releases should be designed with your target audience in mind and should focus on the needs of your audience before explaining how you can meet those needs. Guidance Aviation’s content is a great demonstration of this – articles like “Making the Switch to a New Flight School” address the concerns of a very particular group.

5. Is Your Story In-Line with Your Brand?

Does this new content reflect or, even better, actively advance the values of your company? Does the content use an appropriate tone for its purpose (informative, entertaining, satirical)? That single piece of content may be a potential customer’s only impression of your brand; you’ll want to make sure that it’s giving the right impression. GE’s Aviation division proves that relevant content doesn’t have to be boring by combining text with dramatic visuals and video.

6. Make Sure Your Content Has a Publishing Plan

Does this content have a specific plan for publishing, including the platform and time for publishing? Does the publishing plan include promotion on social media on other channels? Yours may be the most valuable content, but without a defined publishing strategy, it may never reach its intended audience. CSC uses a very intentional publishing strategy with content like the A&D Enterprise Roadmap, released as an online article, white paper, and other formats.

All content you produce should be tested against this checklist before release. If the content doesn’t measure up, it should be revised so that it meets each requirement. Content that follows each item on the above checklist will not only be more effective, but it will also better establish your aviation industry branding.


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