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weavix™ + Microsoft® Infographic

weavix™ + Microsoft® Infographic

While for some, the technological divide between office and frontline workers may continue to grow, weavix™ and Microsoft® are proving that by putting better digital tools in the hands of those workers, enterprises can reap the benefits of comprehensive visibility while simultaneously increasing efficiency and safety.

The Bloom Team worked with weavix and Microsoft to develop a cooperative content marketing effort featuring a co-branded infographic, email, and social campaign. “Our broad experience with B2B audiences really contributed to the success of this project,” states Bloom’s founder and CSO, Laura Caggiano. “The weavix, walt™ advanced smart radio supported by Microsoft Azure Private MEC, is a solution designed to advance communication with frontline workers, and it was important to depict the connection between frontline teams and the benefit of the data they can benefit from and share to improve on-site efficiency and enterprise visibility.”

Balancing the weavix design aesthetic and Microsoft Azure co-branding guidelines, the Bloom Team delivered a strong and carefully crafted campaign. It is another multi-team collaboration and a successful venture for us all.

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