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Microsoft® Azure + Synch Content Marketing

Microsoft® Azure + Synch Content Marketing

Ensuring real-time communication among frontline teams is essential in today’s fast-moving and high-stakes industries. As the demand for efficient operations rises alongside the booming critical communication market, instant connectivity is more crucial than ever. This is where Push-To-Talk over Cellular (POC) steps in, harnessing smartphone technology to enable seamless communication across cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Synch, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure private Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), delivers secure and cutting-edge PTT/POC solutions, transforming the way teams communicate with the utmost speed and clarity.

Joining forces with Synch and Microsoft, the Bloom Team formulated a comprehensive content marketing strategy. This strategy involved creating a Whitepaper, conducting email outreach, and initiating social media campaigns. Synch’s advanced PTT/POC solutions, powered by Microsoft Azure private Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), are transforming communication and collaboration among frontline teams. It was paramount to highlight the essential link between frontline teams and the valuable data they can leverage and exchange to enhance on-site efficiency and increase enterprise visibility.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Bloom Team ensured that the campaign design aligned seamlessly with Synch’s aesthetic and Microsoft Azure’s branding standards. This successful collaboration underscores the power of teamwork across various channels.

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