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Intelerad Sales Kickoff Meeting

Intelerad Sales Kickoff Meeting

Intelerad is one of the leading providers of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and Montreal, QC, Intelerad has over 900 employees located in offices across six countries.

As with most sales kickoff events, the goal was to motivate employees, share strategic objectives and celebrate wins. With Intelerad’s global sales force and latest acquisition it was important to create a theme that would unite the organization under a common objectives and provide the facts that can build trust in the company’s support. This is where the “Believe” theme was born and all of the event tactics to follow including:

Believe logo and theme design
Event opening and closing video
Intelerad President’s Club video
Event posters and banners
Event swag and handouts
Event presentation design

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