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Cirrus Aircraft Expanding to a new digital audience

Expanding to a new digital audience

The Cirrus Aircraft mission has always been to deliver an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and safety to their target customers. Like many brands, the pandemic unveiled a larger market opportunity with more people considering personal aviation to avoid the added restrictions and lost time required to fly.

Bloom was asked to create a New Entrants digital marketing campaign introducing the Cirrus SR20 and Cirrus Vision Jet to this expanded audience. In a very compressed end-of-year timeframe, we worked with the brand’s Experian customer data to develop a programmatic ad campaign and identify lookalike audiences for a social paid placements that included Facebook video ads, Facebook Carousel Ads, Instagram Photo Ads, Instagram Video Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads.

Our market research and input interviews lead us to focus on the emotional and practical drivers for considering personal aviation now. Our concept was to create a rally cry for those who were considering owning an aircraft and for those who wanted to travel on their terms.

Our campaign titled, “It’s About Time”, introduced the Cirrus SR20 and Cirrus Vision Jet as an accessible luxury that helps customers achieve their business and personal travel objectives more effectively.

The campaign launched late December, yet managed to successfully penetrate holiday shoppers to engage targeted personas and convert qualified leads. Through this campaign Cirrus saw a 95+ rate of return (ie; 1.9M ROI) Cirrus Facebook and IG posts had tremendous engagement of 15,000 post reactions, 353 post comments, 1,044 post shares. And followers grew 30% in this same timeframe increasing the Brand’s organic marketing audience as well.

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