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NBAA Orlando Marketing Checklist to Optimize Leads

NBAA Orlando Marketing Checklist to Optimize Leads
October 10, 2016 Noreen Bifulco

The sixth largest trade show in the US, the NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibit (BACE) is a must-attend event for aviation. If your aerospace business is in the market for new leads, you’ve probably already purchased your booth space. The following tips will ensure that you are ready to take on the NBAA-BACE and optimize the leads you acquire from the trade show.

1. Know the Exhibitor Rules

For your indoor exhibit, indoor static display exhibit or static display, the NBAA Orlando’s detailed regulations cover everything from booth rules and fire safety to music and presentations. Familiarizing yourself with these rules as you prepare will prevent surprises or issues when you arrive.

2. Be Prepared to Show and Explain Your Best Offerings

Most of the attendees at NBAA-BACE are decision-makers, with 37 percent having the final say and 50 percent having a significant influence on decisions. With major buying decisions for the following year at stake, you will want to be fully prepared to explain the unique advantages of your aviation solution.

3. Update Your Exhibitor Profile

With thousands of exhibitors, attendees may plan their booth visits ahead. Capture their attention before the event by ensuring your exhibitor profile is complete and updated – this will also help interested leads locate you after the trade show.

4. Do Some Pre-Show Networking

NBAA-Orlando-Marketing-ChecklistReach out ahead of time to customers and leads who are planning to attend. Send them an invitation to visit your booth through the Exhibitor Dashboard. This early networking can bring you trade show success, and make it easier to connect to these leads at the show with a friendly and engaging approach.

5. Create an Eye-Catching Exhibit

Products or prototypes create a compelling display, especially when combined with relevant graphics on banners and booth walls, as well as engaging demo videos. You can also make your exhibit booth more inviting with a small seating area or table that encourages conversation. For a big impact exhibit, check out some sample displays.

6. Use Technology in Your Exhibit Booth

Once you have a potential lead at your booth, you need to have something there that will hold his or her attention. A visual display helps, but using technology to show a compelling presentation or demonstrate the capabilities of your product through video will have your exhibit guests staying longer to learn more.

7. Take Advantage of Mobile Tools

NBAA-Orlando-Marketing-ChecklistAt such a busy trade show, you want to make sure that you stand out from the other exhibitors. The NBAA Events mobile app lets you reach out to trade show attendees with invites and information – or even purchase an ad.

8. Have a Promotional Takeaway for Your Booth Visitors

The best promotional items are something your visitors will use regularly, like a mobile charger or headphone splitter with your company name on it. You can also go for a unique giveaway, like a stress reliever or other fun desk item with an aviation theme.

9. Have Printed Information for Leads and Customers

NBAA-Orlando-Event-TakeawayWhether you offer a product or service, you’ll want to have materials like brochures and catalogs on your marketing checklist to be ready for potential leads. While they can look you up after the event, having your business’s information and offerings in-hand is more convenient and actionable.

10. Be Prepared to Capture and Follow-Up with Leads

Capturing leads is the reason you’re at the NBAA-BACE, so you’ll want to be prepared to both get lead information and store it for follow up. Some enticing ways to collect leads are holding a giveaway or contest at your booth, or a tablet app that gather information through a quiz or game. Technology is the most convenient way to capture their information – for example using your CRM, and your immediate follow up with prospective customers can be as simple as a post-event thank you email.

That just about wraps up our tips for optimizing leads at this event. If you have any other questions or advice on setting up your exhibit please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.


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