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How to Make Your B2B Event Presence Payoff

How to Make Your B2B Event Presence Payoff
May 20, 2024 Noreen Bifulco

How to Make Your B2B Event Presence Payoff

According to a recent survey, a staggering 68% of B2B marketers believe that live events are the most effective way to generate qualified leads. This statistic highlights the undeniable value of well-planned and well-executed B2B events in driving business growth and solidifying key relationships.

To ensure the success of your B2B event and create an engaging experience for your audience, it is essential to understand their needs and choose the most suitable event format. By following these best practices, you can market your event effectively and deliver measurable value:

Set clear goals: Determine the goals for your event and select metrics that can help you measure your progress. Make sure that your team’s objectives and activities align with these goals to maximize the event’s impact.

Create a marketing strategy: It’s essential to promote your event effectively to attract the right participants. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages various channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and industry partnerships, to create buzz and generate interest before the event.

Maximize the event experience: During the event itself, make the most of every opportunity to engage with your target audience. Arrange one-on-one meetings with important prospects, provide high-quality promotional items, and actively seek feedback and testimonials from your existing customers. These efforts will strengthen relationships, leave a positive impression on attendees, and potentially lead to future business opportunities.

Have a post-event marketing plan: Don’t let the momentum fade after the event ends. Create a well-thought-out post-event marketing plan to follow up with attendees, especially key decision-makers. Timely and personalized follow-ups, coupled with valuable content and offers, can further nurture leads and increase conversion rates.

Now, let’s explore prime examples where B2B event marketers excelled in creating engaging experiences:

Facebook IQ & The Instagram Café

Facebook introduced Facebook IQ, an insights unit that helped marketers understand social network usage, by creating an immersive event experience. Attendees were immersed in a “neighborhood” populated by actors showcasing the possibilities of customer data. The Instagram Café, for instance, offered attendees both latte art and case study samples. Such experiences allowed conference-goers to gain a better understanding of their target audience and demonstrated various ways to leverage Facebook IQ.



TrueCommerce at B2B eCommerce Expo

Our team at Bloom helped TrueCommerce make a significant impact at the B2B eCommerce Expo by partnering with experienced event providers and creating custom-designed displays, meeting options, charging stations, and branded coffee bars. These additions enhanced the attendee experience, increased visibility, and engagement. Our collaboration with TruCommerce in event design and execution helped create a standout event tailored to their specific goals.



Intel at Computex

At the 2016 Computex trade show, Intel made an unforgettable impression by showcasing their processing power through a hologram keynote speech by executive Gregory Bryant. This innovative use of technology captivated attendees and demonstrated Intel’s commitment to cutting-edge advancements. While a hologram may not be feasible for every event, consider leveraging other technologies like virtual or augmented reality to create memorable experiences.



VoltServer & #BICSIWinter

The team here at Bloom also expertly executed the VoltServer’s event presence at BICSI. The event booth was strategically designed to provide an engaging and immersive experience for attendees, showcasing the capabilities of their intelligent power distribution systems. The booth’s interactive demonstrations and informative presentations captivated visitors and highlighted the unique value proposition of VoltServer’s solution.

The Bloom Media team worked closely with VoltServer to ensure seamless event logistics for their booth setup. We also assisted with pre-event marketing efforts, generating buzz and attracting key stakeholders to the booth. The combined efforts of VoltServer and our Bloom Media team helped create a dynamic event presence that left a lasting impression on attendees.

The collaboration between VoltServer Inc. and our team for the BICSI Winter event serves as another example of how strategic event planning and execution can contribute to the overall success of a B2B event. By leveraging the expertise of event professionals like the team here at Bloom Media, businesses can elevate their event presence and make a lasting impact on their target audience.



Live events remain an incredibly powerful tool in B2B marketing, allowing businesses to connect with prospects, showcase their products, and foster important relationships. By following the best practices outlined above and drawing inspiration from successful event marketing examples, you can create a B2B event that delivers measurable value and drives business growth. If you have an upcoming event, we invite you to reach out for a complimentary consultation with our experienced team. Let’s make your event an impactful success!