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Last-Minute Gifts for Marketers That They Won’t Return

Last-Minute Gifts for Marketers That They Won’t Return
December 20, 2018 Noreen Bifulco
Last-Minute Gifts for Marketers

If you are looking for the perfect, last-minute gift to give the marketer in your life, the Bloom Media team of marketers has got you covered with some great options.

Steve Suggests: Gift a Free Course from LinkedIn Learning

“I have used for years for tips on Final Cut and After Effects. The courses are now on LinkedIn Learning and offer a range of topics from development tutorials to business training so it would be a great gift for anyone looking for personal enrichment.”

“It also looks like LinkedIn Learning subscribers can “gift” a course to their network for free here’s how.”


Laura Recommends: Sending a Gift Subscription to Ad Age

“Like so many of us, I subscribe to blogs and podcasts but I still really like receiving the Ad Age magazine. I still find it a great resource for industry highlights and inspiration, and it offers membership levels that include unlimited access to, as well as special features such as webcasts and member trend reports.”


Bob Advises: Get Them a Smart Mirror

“This one is for the marketer that wants to get the latest news and info. while they get ready for work.”


Greg Says: Everyone Will be Happy to Get a Power Bank

“It keeps everything charged when you are on the go!”


Vance Declares: Mid-Century Ads by Jim Heimann is More than Just a Fun Read

“A great coffee-table book as well as a great conversation starter. The marketer in your life, may even glean some inspiration on what to or not to do.”


Noreen Proposes: 100 Gathered Thoughts Notepads are the Gifts that Keeps Giving

100 Gathered Thoughts Notepad from Sugarboo & Co. are not only great for jotting down your notes and your to-do list, but the quotes at the bottom of each page provide great motivation to help you get writing. Even for those of us who like to write, a blank page can seem so unwelcoming. But these lined pads, reminiscent of those grammar school days when cursive was still a thing, are just begging to be scribbled on! It’s also a gift that will keep giving. You can easily tear and share the perforated quotes to keep good ideas generating throughout the office. And isn’t that the greatest gift for any marketer — the spark of a good idea? Here is today’s quote for you: “We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” ~ Ray Bradbury


We hope we have helped make your shopping a little easier. Let us know how the giving went or if there are any suggestions you would add to our list.



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