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Increase Your Website Visibility on Google – and Enter Our Eyeball Count Halloween Contest!

Increase Your Website Visibility on Google – and Enter Our Eyeball Count Halloween Contest!
October 15, 2019 Noreen Bifulco
Increase Your Website Visibility on Google

We all want to maximize the number of eyeballs on our website. So we plucked a few Google-proven practices to improve your site’s search results rankings and increase visibility for your audience.

Take a look at these top three recommendations and then see to it to enter our Halloween contest for a chance to heighten your brand’s visibility with a free Google ad design from Bloom. Eyeball the details below.

Speed Up Your Site’s Page Load Time

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

PSI provides both lab and field data about a page. Lab data is useful for debugging performance issues, as it is collected in a controlled environment. However, it may not capture real-world bottlenecks. Field data is useful for capturing true, real-world user experience — but has a more limited set of metrics. See How To Think About Speed Tools for more information on the 2 types of data.

• Performance score – At the top of the report, PSI provides a score that summarizes the page’s performance. This score is determined by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze lab data about the page. A score of 90 or above is considered fast, and 50 to 90 is considered average. Below 50 is considered to be slow.

• Real-World Field Data – When PSI is given a URL, it will look it up in the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) dataset. If available, PSI reports the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and the First Input Delay (FID) metric data for the origin and potentially the specific page URL.

• Classifying Fast, Average, Slow – PSI also classifies field data into 3 buckets, describing experiences deemed fast, average, or slow. PSI sets the following thresholds for fast/average/ slow, based on our analysis of the CrUX dataset:

To learn more about Google Page Speed Insight Thresholds, click here.

Link to Google MyBusiness

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.

• Your free Business Profile on Google helps your business show up when it matters most: the moment customers are searching for your business or products or services like yours on Google Search and Maps.

• Log into your Google My Business account to update your address, phone number, website, open hours to help customers find and connect with your business.

• Keep your profile updated with fresh photos, special offers, and promotions to make it easy for customers to choose you.

Register with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but the Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

Search Console offers tools and reports for the following actions:

  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears

in Google Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.

  • Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
  • Show you which sites link to your website.
  • Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features.

Learn more about the Google Search Console here.

Eyeball Count Halloween Contest

Now, ready to guess the number of eyeballs in our jar for a chance to win free Google ad designs from Bloom? Submit your entry now.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on October 31st, 2019, and the winner will be announced on November 4th, 2019.

We wish you good luck and better website visibility! 



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