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Developing Marketing Campaigns for Millennials

Developing Marketing Campaigns for Millennials
June 12, 2016 Noreen Bifulco

With a 90 year heritage this iconic eyewear brand is known for its on-trend frames and expert service at a value for the 25-54 age group. But when Cohen’s set their sights on the growing millennial market, the data was clear – the time to attract the potential buying power of this soon-to-be majority target audience is now. So we started with the facts, relying on real-time market research and industry insights to better understand what engages and incites these young consumers and used that data to drive our strategic approach and develop a fun and creative campaign.

Giving A Name To A Program That Gives Back

Caring for eyes since 1927, Cohen’s has made it a mission offer the latest fashion frames at the best prices. So it was a natural evolution when considering the 16-25 year old student population that while fashion is key, funds are few and a 30% student discount can say a lot about a brand’s willingness to give students the glasses they need to gain a little attention and begin building brand loyalty in return. We worked with Cohen’s to title and brand the program “Cohen’s Eye Campus” but a nifty name and logo was just the beginning.

Finally A Cause Worthy of a Spokes Queen

Surrounded by device-driven content and computer generated graphics competing for their attention, it’s an authentic approach and an illustrative style that has been known to catch the millennial eye. So we developed concepts that could deliver our message in a fun and unique way but more importantly break through the digital clutter and invite opportunities to start a one-to-one conversation with members of this coveted community. After a few rounds of creative development our Queen was selected to support this noble cause.

Declaring “methinks no student should pay full price for designer frames”, the Cohen’s Eye Campus Spokes Queen rose. With her sassy wisdom and Elizabethan-ese she speaks for the class-bound eyeglass wearers everywhere – but is quick to remind us that although she is Queen, it is Cohen’s 30% Student Discount that rules!

When A Top Eyewear Retailer Sets Their Sights On Millennials We all have our eyes peeled.


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