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Case Study: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Current and Future Female Entrepreneurs

Case Study: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Current and Future Female Entrepreneurs
March 21, 2023 Noreen Bifulco

Women’s History Month is a dedicated month in March to celebrate the often-overlooked contributions women, past and present, have provided to the United States.

This Women’s History Month, we wanted to spotlight the “WE” initiative ­­–– a program we had the opportunity to develop with Optimum Business, to celebrate and support Women Entrepreneurs by connecting new and next-generation women business owners with sound advice from experienced mentors.

The Optimum Business WE initiative is:

  • A celebration of individual achievements
  • A recognition of collaborative strengths
  • An opportunity to support women-owned businesses
  • A mission to inspire future women entrepreneurs

Through this year-long initiative, we focused on bringing women together to demonstrate the importance of sharing our collaborative strengths on the path to achieving our individual goals.

Our woman’s initiative, multichannel campaign included:


Launch of Future Women Entrepreneurs Initiative


A member of chart-topping girl group “Seduction” and now founder of the super successful “Keeping You Sweet,” baked goods company, April Harris was the guest speaker for an empowering talk with the young women of AmTech Career Academy at the “WE Are The Future” event from Optimum Business.

Optimum Business invited all schools to join via live stream for an inspiring talk with the female students of AmTech Career Academy. This exciting event was designed to bring young women together to gain some practical guidance to start their path to becoming a business owner from successful woman entrepreneur and charismatic speaker, April Harris of Keeping You Sweet.

The event was a success. Over 500 young women gathered in person and virtually to hear Harris’s message to the next generation of young women entrepreneurs, that they too can achieve success. The event also was a success in helping Optimum Business humanize their brand and offered a unique opportunity to create excitement and a positive buzz about their company.


“WE Are The Future” Blog Contest Creation

Our contest launched with a calling to all future Women Entrepreneurs – as the next generation of aspiring women business owners, you have an opportunity to share your story about the business you would like to build and inspire other young women in the process.


To enter the “WE Are The Future” Blog Contest, students had to submit a 500 words or less blog describing why they were inspired to become an entrepreneur, how their future business would help contribute to a better world, and how technology would help them achieve this.

In addition to winning an iPhone 14, Mono iVlogger Kit, and 4 tickets for the Amarillo Symphony, the winning recipient also had their article published on the Optimum Business Blog, and was featured in a multi-platform social campaign.


As with any marketing effort, when properly planned and executed, event marketing will provide a positive outcome. We were happy to help Optimum Business successfully increase their brand’s visibility and create touchpoints with new and current clients with the “WE” initiative as well as inspire a future generation of women leaders.

At Bloom, we believe there is an event for every idea, limited only by the imagination of the company promoting it. However, we know firsthand how pulling off an event requires experience, meticulous planning, and having many irons in the fire. So, we were glad to help Optimum Business realize their vision fully and successfully.

To learn more about how we can help with the details of your event marketing, contact us today.


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