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Case Study: Altice Business Tech Event

Case Study: Altice Business Tech Event
January 21, 2020 Noreen Bifulco
Business Tech Event Branding

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This November Altice Business launched a Tech Series with a premiere event focusing on cybersecurity, hosted at Lightbox in New York City.

We worked with the Altice team to develop an event strategy, including pre and post materials and dynamic digital assets designed to engage attendees and bring this unique venue to life.

By leveraging a multichannel campaign, we invited an audience of both customers and prospects to join industry experts to discuss cyber threats and security protection for 2020.

Working with the Lightbox team, we produced a series of video projections built to spec for the lobby and main space, which included four phases of all walls. Each phase provided a timely backdrop supporting varying needs of event activities and following run of show agenda.

Designed by Bloom’s CCO, Stephen Frederick, who sums up our vision stating, “the primary concept was to create an environment that would remind us how cyber threats are always looming. We built the binary rain and cityscape overlay to evoke that feeling of vulnerability halted by the Altice Tech Series Cybersecurity graphic symbolizing the security solutions that prevent and protect businesses.”

In addition to the video assets, we also developed a digital touchscreen display interface featuring an animated series of cybersecurity stats with an interactive component enabling attendees to opt in to choose the right level of security to meet their business needs.

To accomplish the digital touchscreen, the Bloom dev team built an HTML5 page, which included JavaScript to control the video to loop and auto start. After the user opted into the secondary page and their activity ceased, the team also wrote a timer in JavaScript to resume the main page animation in a continuous effort to attract and inform the next guest.

“I loved the concept immediately and knew it would look incredible –everyone was WOWed by the space. Thank you again!”
–Joan Ferguson
Manager, Event Planning
Altice Business

It was a successful event and an excellent opportunity for collaboration between Altice Business, Lightbox, Y&R, and the Bloom Team. This truly was a great example of how a dynamic in-person experience can result in stronger connections and more than one closed deal.

Photos By Zdravko Cota


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