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B2B Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Season

B2B Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Season
October 1, 2022 Noreen Bifulco

It’s that time of year again when B2B brands create holiday marketing messages designed to engage audiences, make lasting impressions, and result in many happy returns. From targeted gifts and nostalgic nods to meaningful connections and twisted tales, here are 4 innovative B2B campaigns that are bound to inspire your holiday marketing spirit:

Salesforce Gives the Gift of Content

The software company, Salesforce, knows its audience, and it shows as they deliver impressive B2B marketing campaigns. It’s no surprise that their holiday marketing efforts provide an exceptional example regarding content. Perfect for their target buyer persona, the company offers several guides and content resources to provide insight and support for holiday sales and marketing. It’s a great example of how being a brand that gives instead of takes, when everyone’s inbox is flooded with requests, helps Salesforce stand out in a competitive space.


Attentive Offers a Totally Rad Reboot

SMS marketing platform Attentive successfully evokes the holiday spirit of a past generation with its nostalgic marketing campaign. With a dedicated landing page designed to look like a ’90s desktop screen, complete with an AOL Instant Messenger screen as a pop-up and the option to play ’ 90s-Esque music while browsing the page, “Holiday Marketing Reboot” shares tips for holiday marketing. Using this unique approach to deliver useful information is certainly not wasted on the team at Bloom Media (as creating direct mail for AOL is where most of us met) or on their larger audience. Attentive does a great job of proving that B2B marketing campaigns don’t have to be boring but can be fun.


EF Plays it Safe Together

The B2B division of EF, the world’s largest privately held education company, produced a 100% Covid-Safe holiday video for the 2020 Holiday Season.

There’s a reason why video content is one of the most popular marketing strategies for brands during the holidays. A short and sweet video like EF created easily connects with consumers on an emotional level, standing out against competing messages during an unprecedented time, and encouraging genuine connection will truly make a difference.


Bloom Media Twists a Traditional Tale

The team at Bloom understands that holiday videos are among the few opportunities marketers have to really show off the real heart of our companies—whether that’s family-focused, laugh-out-loud funny, or maybe even a little edgy. Check out the fun we had with our out-of-office reply after the craziness of the holidays in 2019, inspired by the poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore.

If you need help making more of an impact with your B2B holiday marketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to help you get started with a successful holiday campaign!


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