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B2B Brands: Stop Ignoring Your Unsubscribe Page

B2B Brands: Stop Ignoring Your Unsubscribe Page
June 19, 2019 Noreen Bifulco
Stop Ignoring Your Unsubscribe Page

For some businesses, the only time attention is paid to unsubscribes is when it spikes above the average 0.5 %. But before an email recipient opts out, there is a lot of missed opportunity if all you have is basic unsubscribe page. While a “buh-bye” note may seem like a cute sendoff, this is your chance to gain valuable insights from your audience and better connect with customers by offering options to communicate with your brand the way they prefer.

Here are some super effective examples of B2B brands that have turned their unsubscribes into potential win-backs:

Hubspot’s Break Up Video

Hubspot’s unsubscribe page stands out with a clever “break up” video making the subscriber think twice about letting go of this valuable relationship.   It also does a good job of encouraging the subscriber not to call it quits for good but to keep in touch on their other social platforms and stay “friends with benefits.”

Subscribe for Inner Peace with EmailMonks

Ignoring-UnsubscribeEmailMonks understands their audience and the peace gained from a tidy inbox, so they offer a range of subscription options. This insight into what their users want successfully helps EmailMonks encourage their subscribers not to sever ties permanently, but to opt in for a little less contact. What also helps, is leaving the choice to opt out entirely from the emails at the very bottom of the page.

CreativeLive’s Customized Unsubscribe

Ignoring-UnsubscribeCreativeLive’s customized unsubscribe instructions proves Brand authenticity is critical in every customer touchpoint — even the unsubscribe page. Just as important as a first impression is your last impression.  As your user is considering opting out of the email subscriptions you want to remind them your brand is more than just another boring corporation but one who has your customer’s best interest at heart. And getting that direct feedback right from your user adds valuable insight for your company.

Grammarly’s Pre-checked Preferences

Ignoring-UnsubscribeGrammarly goes a step further by pre-checking the options for their users on how they will want to improve their experience. By focusing on the user’s pain point on their unsubscribe page, Grammarly does a great job of making their users feel like the company knows what they what and they are valued and in charge.

So how can you improve your unsubscribe strategy?

According to Senior Developer, Tim Velzy,  “a lot of marketing automation systems will offer this as part of the package, but then it really is on the end user to make sure it is set up correctly. But setting up a frequency toggle can be difficult to operationalize, which means that the client will still have to use those preferences when using the marketing automation system.  The system isn’t going to be smart enough to take those into account. You still have to be.  You have to add those filters in the campaign, which is what we can do for you.”

So if you need help implementing a more effective unsubscribe page, Bloom is happy to help. Reach out to us anytime for a free consultation!


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