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A Twisted Holiday Tale

A Twisted Holiday Tale
January 16, 2020 Greg Platti
A Twisted Holiday Tale

The days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s we were pretty busy completing pre-holiday projects and Q1 deadline prep. But shortly after the Bloom team was able to take a well-deserved break to spend time with our families and share an out-of-office reply brought to life with a fun video inspired by the poem below:

T’was just days before Christmas

T’was the holiday season

And every Bloom desktop

Was filled with illustrator, after effects and photoshop

Each year-end project, expedited with care

For clients Q1 deadlines would soon be there

“No time for nestling snug in your beds”

“There’s work to be done or we’re smashing some heads”

No eggnog. No cookies. Hot chocolate or fruit cake.

Only coffee or red bull to keep you awake

Their eyes, how they burned

Fingers so sore

Backs ached in chairs bolted to the floor

Videos, websites, display ads coded,

Emails campaigns and social posts uploaded

Their skills and talents would be put to the test

Despite a few tears and some blood on the desk

Now you may think our fictitious tale of torture has gone too far

But have no fear

It’s just our twisted Out Of Office reply

The Bloom Team is off for the holidays

See you next year!


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