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A Successful LEAP for Video Production for StandardAero

A Successful LEAP for Video Production for StandardAero
August 5, 2023 Noreen Bifulco
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A Successful LEAP for Video Production for StandardAero

Introduced in 2016, the LEAP engine family, produced by CFM International, has set new industry standards for fuel efficiency, offering up to 20 percent better fuel consumption than previous generation engines, in addition to lower CO2 emissions. To date, the LEAP has enabled operators to save more than 20 million tons of CO2, and LEAP engines power more than 2,300 aircraft in service with 165 operators worldwide.


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Recently, StandardAero, one of the world’s largest independent MRO providers, signed a long-term CFM Branded Service Agreement (CBSA) to become the first independent (non-airline) MRO provider in the Americas to sign a CBSA for both the LEAP-1A, which powers the Airbus A320neo family, and the LEAP-1B, which powers the Boeing 737-MAX series aircraft.


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Honored to become a part of the worldwide MRO network for the LEAP engine and eager to share the news with attendees at the 2023 Paris Air Show, the Standard Aero Marketing Team reached out to Bloom to request a promotional video.


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With a three-person crew, we orchestrated a one-day on-location shoot in the San Antonio, Texas facility – a location chosen for the new LEAP line based on its excellent infrastructure and the site’s track record of successfully introducing new narrowbody commercial engine programs.


a large factory with large machines


We worked with the StandardAero Team, carefully timing and planning our shots throughout the 810,000 square foot space, which was previously the Kelly Air Force Base site.


a blue and yellow metal structure in a factory


The facility also features a dedicated test cell complex, with multiple engine cells capable of supporting the LEAP.



StandardAero Engine Programs Director Ron Gillette and LEAP Operations Executive Jamie Gardner provided on-screen narration and an engaging storyline supported with shots of the immense space and comprehensive capabilities StandardAero has to offer.


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To support the new LEAP line, StandardAero is also embarking on a significant local hiring effort, along with the creation of a dedicated training center, which will become their center of excellence for a wide range of training needs.


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By 2027, they will have added close to 400 additional employees, providing career opportunities for the next generation of LEAP MRO techs and supporting the future of aerospace for years to come.