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4 Winning B2B Super Bowl Marketing Ads

4 Winning B2B Super Bowl Marketing Ads
February 10, 2022 Noreen Bifulco

4 Winning B2B Super Bowl Marketing Ads

Super Bowl 56 will take place on Sunday, February 13, 2022. And though many viewers will be tuning in to watch the big game, you can include the team at Bloom with the 26.9% viewers who will be watching to see if that record $6.5 million per 30-second spot were ad dollars well spent.

And as B2B marketers, we have been excited to see more B2B companies enter the ad game over the last few years.

Here’s a list of some of the best Super Bowl commercials we’ve seen from B2B brands over the years.


After winning an Emmy for their Super Bowl commercial with John Malkovich in 2017, the website building company Squarespace followed up in 2018 with a great Super Bowl ad as well.

The ad features Keanu Reeves of Matrix fame on a personal retreat to find inspiration for a website for his motorcycle company. By showcasing an action star building his website on their platform—and pointedly sitting behind a desk—Squarespace solidifies their brand as a simple, sleek tool that’s a must-have for business owners everywhere.
The memorable commercial teaches us that a good product speaks for itself—an ad with high-quality production value and one significant component will help your audience remember what your brand has to offer.



Wix, also a website building company, commercial features Internet comedians Rhett and Link demonstrating just how easy it is to use the Wix platform to build a website in 2017. The commercial does an excellent job highlighting how easy Wix is to use by showcasing different features to choose from.

While the talent keeps the ad light-hearted and fun, there is no denying that the message Wix wanted to convey is crystal clear. Viewers can easily understand the benefits of using Wix after seeing this ad.



FedEx presented themselves as the logical choice for office courier mail in their Super Bowl commercial, known as ‘Grog’ and ‘Stick” in 2006.

The transport company FedEx’s Caveman Courier commercial did an excellent job of connecting with the emotions of real customers – the shipping clerks and administrative assistants who risk the wrath of a Neanderthal boss if an urgent package doesn’t make it to its destination on time.



Google is not B2B exclusive, nor is their 2009 Super Bowl ad
about finding love in Paris. But since you would be hard-pressed not to find a B2B marketer who doesn’t use Google to search for ideas, inspirations, etc., we feel it does a great job at demonstrating the power search in a heart-warming way.

It’s also a great lesson for marketers to see Google’s opportunities to increase their brand value through search engine marketing.

Whether it is B2C or B2B, Super Bowl commercials, after all, have become something of an icon themselves. With advertisers dropping insane amounts of money on a few seconds of viewer attention, they have to make it count. Some don’t, but some do. The video marketing strategies in all these ad campaigns are incredibly effective and well-executed and can serve as outstanding examples for what you should do with your video marketing.

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