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3 Small Business Partner Perks at the Top of Our List

3 Small Business Partner Perks at the Top of Our List
December 13, 2018 Noreen Bifulco
Small Business Partner Perks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we counted down to SBS 2018, we reached out to our fellow small business owners and asked for tips they would like to share. Not surprisingly, in a community where camaraderie is renowned, they were all happy to lend a hand and share a few wise words we posted on LI and TW. You can see all the SB2SB quotes below.

“Instead of focusing on the money focus on the
customer service & the money will follow!”

Advice from the team at All wired up Electric

At Bloom, we know the importance of supporting small businesses and how their success boosts the local communities they serve and beyond. But it’s not just about the economic contribution, there are numerous experiential benefits to working with a small business and here are three at the top of our list:

Personal Attention

Call it customer or client experience if you prefer, but the point is, like most small businesses, if you work with us you can expect a one-to-one relationship. There is no need to navigate through multiple layers of project owners. With Bloom Media, you speak directly to the thinkers and doers that actually work on your projects making for an easier, more efficient process for all involved.

Steve our DP, video editor extraordinaire on-site at the InsightSoftware shoot.

Collaborative Expertise

Even in this automated age, being the “jack of all trades” is not quality conducive. As a small business, you can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t try. And if you’re like us you know you are good at creating informed marketing solutions and rely on strategic partnerships for anything beyond your wheelhouse. This allows us to align with other small businesses and bring all the relevant experts to the table that a project calls for.

Bloom teams with SCS for the LexisNexis Technology Center branding project.

Giving Back

Most small business owners feel the strong urge to give back to the community that houses them and make it a priority to support local causes. We certainly do. In addition to our other efforts, the Raleigh Rescue Mission is one of the local organizations where we like to lend a hand. It’s how Bloom celebrated the holiday together this year, delivering our team-made goodies with care.

Bloom team-building with spouses and junior team members on baking day.

Remember, small matters. And if you are a small B2B needing to get your message out there as well, be sure to ask us about our Bloom B2B Marketing starter kit. We love to help.

“Don’t be afraid to embrace the internet!
Google ad words kept my phone ringing and led to great sales.” 

Tom Romanski, the owner of Romanski inc

 “Stay true to the deadlines you apply to your business every month.
Employees and your clients will appreciate the dependability.” 

Tricia Rango, the owner of Aunt T’s Day Care & Preschool

“Choose your location and advertising budget carefully.
What can YOU do to help people find YOU? Location, Location, Location!”

Chef Gail Chandler Celebrity Personal Chef 



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