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How to Cut Through the Content Clutter and Get Noticed

How to Cut Through the Content Clutter and Get Noticed
January 2, 2017 Steve-Frederick

Let’s face it, content is everywhere. A simple search can yield millions of results, meaning marketers must work harder to stand out from the crowd. Let’s look at some examples of marketing tactics that stood out in 2016 and what lessons can be carried over into the New Year.

Basecamp Goes the Distance


Basecamp is better known as a tech startup that offers a one-stop place for companies to communicate, share files and track growth. However, in 2016 they also became known for creating one of the most innovative podcasts to top the iTunes charts.

“The Distance” is a podcast that covers businesses that have lasted for over 25 years. The podcast allows the business to create recurring content that potential customers and leads will enjoy on a platform that’s only growing. This past year saw the rise of podcasting, with 17 percent of Americans indicating they listen to podcasts monthly.

Podcasting is an innovative way to create content that can get your business noticed. While its popularity is on the rise, podcasting hasn’t become over-saturated like the blogosphere. All you have to do is brainstorm some ideas that your target audience (and beyond) might respond to, then get a microphone and computer, and you could be on your way to dominating a new content platform.

Get Tasty With BuzzFeed

Facebook was once a great place to share inspirational business quotes and your latest blog ramblings. However, the social network has been shifting and now video content, including their live video feature, is the latest innovation for marketers.

BuzzFeed is a content giant and popularized the ‘listicle’ format. In 2016, they took their short, viral content and put it into a video format. Their Tasty series include short 30 to 60 second recipe videos. You’ve probably seen them shared on your favorite social media network as visibility for the brand has increased since the videos launched. With over 60 million fans on the Tasty Facebook account alone, these bite-sized nuggets of content are proving popular with content consumers and other businesses. Brands are clamoring to work with BuzzFeed on the Tasty videos and have their products featured in the snippets.

Everyone is predicting video will be huge in 2017. Consider creating short, shareable videos for your brand in order to measure how receptive your target market could be.

Tell a Story Like Norton

When you hear the name Norton, you most likely associate it with the anti-virus software. This past year, though, Norton launched a storytelling content campaign where they interviewed some of the most notorious hackers in the world.

The company created a short-form documentary and corresponding content where they met with hackers who had infiltrated companies like Google and NASA. Backed up with statistics and infographics, Norton wove an intriguing story that highlighted the importance of computer safety for businesses.

The content served two purposes: it highlighted the importance of a top-ranked anti-virus software and exposed viewers to a world not often discussed in the mainstream media. The documentary won plenty of awards and showed that any business can tell stories that connect.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning on keeping your traditional content funnel in 2017, expect to be drowned out by the new and experimental content strategy already starting to saturate the market.

Take risks and explore new platforms to make your content soar in the New Year and reach a new audience that will help your business grow.



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