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Bloom Media’s 10th Birthday

Bloom Media’s 10th Birthday
September 14, 2020 Noreen Bifulco
Bloom Media 10 year anniversary

Bloom Media’s 10th Birthday

A decade of building B2B relationships

Ten years ago, fate gave me a push that confidence could not.

We were founded at the time of the Great Recession, foreclosure crisis, and economic bailouts. Now, a decade later, amid a global pandemic and national unrest, our remote model, balancing quality creative work, caring relationships and added value, may be more relevant than ever.


How Bloom began:

After spending the first five years of my career as an Art Director working in NYC, I traded my long commute for a local agency with some big-name clients like PayPal, Monster, AARP, and the legendary America Online.

This fast-paced, small agency environment is where I had the chance to wear many hats, gained a lot of hands-on experience, and where the Bloom Team began.

After some time, at the owner’s decision, the agency disbanded. But I knew we were this well-oiled machine of marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic designers and developers, masters of direct response –– a team that could do anything given the opportunity.

And the opportunity that we kept hearing was to help clients solve one of their biggest challenges. Even in that tight economy, marketing goals still needed to be met.

I wanted more than anything for us to have a fresh start but also wanted to put us in a position to better serve clients by balancing quality and value.

It was never a plan, not to have an official office but having just won a Cablevision’s Lightpath; we hit the ground running, and working together just as effectively remotely as we did when we were in cubicles.


Bloom Media 10 year celebration

Ten years later:

We continue to be a group of experienced professionals with a decade of B2B specialization, dedicated to the quality of work and quality of life balance. Committed to the clients we serve together while having the freedom to pursue other endeavors.

Through Bloom, we have created a mutually beneficial relationship for skilled artists and savvy marketers alike.

Now in 2020, like most small businesses, we too are feeling the effects of the current times and considered holding off on our 10-year birthday celebration. But somehow, the timing seems rather apropos given our history.

And it is never a bad time to thank the people who made the first 10 years possible. Clients, partners, and team members, past and present have all contributed to who we are today, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

A Birthday Gift for You! To celebrate our 10th birthday, we are giving 10 Hours of Production Services with any project.

Why? Because so many of our marketing colleagues have too long a to-do list and too little budget – and if history has taught us anything – one small project can lead to a lasting relationship.



  1. Kristy Uvena 4 years ago

    Love this – Congratulations on 10 years!

    • Laura 4 years ago

      Thank you so much Kristy!

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