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10 Inspirational Brand Birthday Campaigns

10 Inspirational Brand Birthday Campaigns
October 15, 2020 Noreen Bifulco

10 Inspirational Brand Birthday Campaigns

From the day your business is born, and your brand makes its debut, every birthday is a milestone worth celebrating. It’s a time when we can look back and learn from mistakes and focus on future goals. Each year in business is a reason to celebrate your success and a time to acknowledge the people who have made it possible.

In honor of our 10th year, we curated a list of some great commemorative brand campaigns to inspire your own.

Zendesk celebrates 10 years of creativity

SaaS-superstar, Zendesk celebrated 10 years of revolutionizing the customer support industry, hosting an art contest for their employees with the theme “10 pivotal moments in our company history.” This was the perfect opportunity to flex their team’s creative muscles and remind everyone that the startup space is still very much a human space while also focusing on their growth story. They also put together a gorgeous landing page with 10 lessons they’ve learned along the way.



Marvel Studios recognizes the first 10 years with a special logo redesign.

Marvel Studios recognized its decade milestone with a special anniversary logo. This simple alteration of Marvel Studio’s logo helped spread the excitement around another 10 years of success.



Moo dances their way into their next 10 years with a dystopian party

Moo’s 10th-anniversary party’s theme was a quasi-dystopian vision of 2116, with creative costuming, over-the-top decor, and lighting. The print goods company also delivered cupcakes to loyal customers who had been there from the start, complete with a personalized thank you note on their cardstock.


JetBlue celebrates a decade of service with $10 fares

When JetBlue turned 10, they offered a one-day sale fare for flights between New York’s JFK and its first 10 destinations for just 10-dollars. That sale thanked their customers and helped guarantee a faithful following into the airline’s second decade.


Momofuko Restaurant commemorates its 10th anniversary with special treats

Momofuku, the restaurant group founded by David Chang, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a slew of special treats at the various restaurants. For example, Milk Bar offered a lucky peaches ‘n’ cream cookie (Momofuku means “lucky peach” in Japanese) to commemorate the anniversary. And the Ssam Bar hosted some special late-night dinners with visiting Chicago restaurant, The Publican.  To top it off, portions of the proceeds from all of the special items went toward Edible Schoolyard NYC.


Yelp takes pride in a decade of review with an action-packed weekend

After acquiring a decade of reviews and recommendations under their belt, Yelp pulled out all the stops with an action-packed weekend in San Francisco, the town where it all began. Bringing the Yelp community together, the company celebrated with a golden soirée at Yelp Headquarters, a wine country getaway, and a boat party on the Bay.


Snapfish captures its 10th anniversary with Life licensed images

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Snapfish by HP opened its application programming interface (API) to allow creative individuals and businesses to be part of the evolution of its online personal publishing service. The company also announced a portfolio of licensed content that includes legendary images from Life magazine.


Minecraft builds excitement around their 10-year anniversary

After its emergence in 2009, Minecraft quickly had a massive impact on the world. With millions of players partaking in the game daily, Minecraft is now a well-known game that encourages young players creatively and academically. As part of their 10-year anniversary, the company released a special anniversary map for their players that contained secrets and teased a potential augmented reality game.


Happy Socks marks an iconic 10 years in style

Happy Socks celebrated their 10 years of business with a release of a select line of socks. The Swedish underwear and hosiery company marked the momentous occasion with a limited-edition box that included 10 pairs of iconic Happy Socks and the specially designed 10th Anniversary sock. A pair was chosen from each of the ten years since Happy Socks has been in business.


Bloom celebrates a decade of building B2B relationships

We were founded at the time of the Great Recession, and a decade later, amid a global pandemic and national unrest, we considered holding off on our 10-year birthday celebration. But it is never a bad time to thank the people who made the first 10 years possible.

Bloom Media 10 year anniversary

In addition to a sincere email campaign and retrospective video, we will keep the good vibes going with a series of 10-year themed birthday gifts, including 10 B2B design tips, $10 Gift cards, and 10 hours of production support with any new project. Because so many of our marketing colleagues have too long a to-do list and too little budget – and if history has taught us anything – one small project can lead to a lasting relationship.



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